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Rajhans (Desai-Jain) Group is guided by dynamic leaders who instill their values in the workforce, ensuring growth across various business verticals. With their technical expertise, profound domain knowledge, and extensive cross-functional experience, the group consistently strives for new benchmarks while spreading the 'Wings of Happiness.'


Group Chairman

With a dynamic and passionate persona, Mr. Jayesh B. Desai has been at the helm of the group since its inception. As a first-generation entrepreneur and exemplary leader, he has played a pivotal role in the success of the Rajhans Group. Mr. Jayesh Desai embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 1996 with an edible oil venture, and his visionary leadership paved the way for the group's expansion into real estate, confectionery, entertainment, hospitality, e-commerce, and textile businesses.

Renowned for his versatile business acumen, Mr. Desai spearheads planning and strategic business development, actively contributing to the formulation of the group's business strategy. His instrumental role has significantly contributed to the overall growth of the group. With a farsighted vision and a knack for optimizing business opportunities, Mr. Desai is a dedicated philanthropist, actively leading social welfare initiatives.

His core philosophy revolves around 'customer happiness through delightful products and services,' serving as the driving force behind the group. Recognizing his exceptional leadership, Mr. Desai was featured on the cover page of Forbes India's 'Indian Business Legends' in 2021 and once again in 2022 in Forbes India's exclusive edition titled 'India’s 100 Richest.' His outstanding prowess and unwavering commitment have earned him notable recognitions, including being named the ET-Inspiring Business Leader of India and Business Knight of Gujarat by ET in 2016. He was also honored with the Gujarat Ratna Award by the then Gujarat CM and conferred with the honorary title of 'Young Inspirational Entrepreneur' by Divya Bhaskar, Dainik Bhaskar, and My FM in 2017. Under his ubiquitous leadership par excellence, the group received the 'Best Management' Food Mech Asia Leela Baa Award.

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Group M.D.

Shivlal Jain is a dynamic and committed leader with intrinsic decision-making ability, which is a result of his extensive experience and incredible dedication. Whenever it comes to accounts, costing, and taxation, he’s the man who rules the roost. With his finance par excellence, he dexterously manages each and every financial aspect, ensuring nothing remains uncalculated. A person admired by everyone in the group for his commitment, dedication, and flexible approach towards work, Mr. Shivlal Jain is looked upon as a mentor who leads by example. A key person in the success story of the group, his wisdom and experience have become invaluable assets for the group.

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Vijay Desai


With astute business acumen and exceptional marketing skills, he manages sales and marketing for real estate. His extensive experience and strong relationships with key clients and the real estate community make him a strategic advisor and a driving force in building the group's real estate empire. His remarkable achievements and influential leadership have raised the bar for the entire team, making him a key pillar of the Rajhans (Desai-Jain) Group.

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Sunil Jain


He is a versatile director who plays a crucial role in overseeing all technical aspects of real estate projects, from inception to completion. As a technical expert, he effectively manages on-site and off-site construction progress, ensuring compliance with environmental and safety regulations. His unwavering commitment to work ethics, quality, and constructive input makes him an influential leader. Agile, tireless, and steadfast, he has cultivated a mission-driven culture that collectively achieves key business goals in a cohesive manner.

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Ankur Shah

Executive Director

Ankur Shah is highly skilled in the sales and marketing aspects of the group's real estate division in Mumbai and Maharashtra. He strongly believes in fulfilling business commitments in every project he handles. With over a decade of experience, he has managed and expanded the group's real estate sector, introducing new strategies and maximizing capacities. Under his influential leadership, the group spares no effort in delivering successful outcomes to customers. Driven by ambition and a commitment to innovation, he is actively engaged in various activities, ranging from customer relations to business development, driving the group's exponential growth in the region.

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