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Useful Vastu Tips For Your Treasured Home.

15 Dec, 2017 |Category : Residential |By : Rajhans Realty

Home is no more just a place for shelter but rather it has become a reflection of one’s style statement as well personality. Almost every homeowner not only wants to make their home filled with comforts but also aspire to make it more pleasing to the eyes. In a bid to fulfil these objectives, we add design, colour and Vastu compliant aesthetics. Adorning our home in this way also creates positive vibes in every corner of our premise that truly makes our dream home, no less than heaven! Here are some Vastu tips for your lovely home.

Living Room

Bear in mind that this room is in a rectangular shape. Most importantly, the position of aquariums should not be facing south direction. Moreover, it’s a good idea to hang paintings of your family or natural beauty in your living room. It is advisable to paint the walls of your living room with white, yellow and blue shade with bright lights around.

Dining Room

Dinning room should have light shades. It is better to position your dinning table in a rectangular or square shape. Use lamps or candles so as to bring soothing effects in your dining room rather than preferring bright lights.


Make sure that you don’t include pooja room nearby kitchen or bedroom. You should not put shelves above the gas stove and instead place it below or beside it. As you might know that you should place the sink in the corner of your kitchen. It is better to have lesser use of plastic or metal utensils and instead use the aluminum or steel utensils. Interestingly, your kitchen walls can be painted in chocolate brown, orange or in red shades.


When it comes to bedroom , what’s so soothing than yellow, green or pink shades? Moreover, white flooring is a family favorite in bedroom. Make sure your bedroom should have sober lighting as bright lights can worsen the relaxing ambience. Make sure that you do not hang any sort of picture in your bedroom and also avoid placing mirror in it as it might distract your slumber habits.

Pooja Room

This room needs extra care, doesn’t it! Remember that you should never build a pooja room inside bedroom or under the staircase. It can be put in a kitchen corner and the idols shouldn’t be facing one another. It’s good to have a white colour for pooja room. Make sure that your pooja room must have doors.

Follow these simple yet feasible Vastu tips in your home and make it as wonderful as you can.

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