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Why Surat is hot for real estate investment

04 Dec, 2017 |Category : Corporate Office |By : Rajhans Realty

If property in Surat has been selling like hot cakes, there are specific reasons behind the same. Surat has suddenly become the next big growth centre of Gujarat as opposed to Vadodara and Ahmedabad and this has automatically given a much needed fillip to its real estate market. The major reason behind this heady growth and steady influx of real estate investments lies in the steady growth rates registered by the city over the last couple of years. Surat has always been known as India’s Diamond City and is one of Asia’s largest growing cities. Several developments have attracted huge real estate investments to the city including the creation of a dedicated business centre for diamond traders and diamantaires, migration of several businessmen and professionals in large numbers to the city and incoming businesses and corporates willing to exploit the favorable business landscape here.

The market for real estate Surat has witnessed huge investments from both locals and outside investors alike. Several investors are snapping up prime properties in several locations in Surat while businessmen and diamond traders are buying properties in posh and coveted areas. Housing demand has also gone up due to a large number of incoming professionals and traders. Surat is also one of the cleanest cities of the country and is witnessing a boom in its diamond and textile industries. Several BPO and IT companies are setting up shop in Surat and several multinationals are also following suit. This has prompted the development of civic and social infrastructure to a great extent and several roads, flyovers and underpasses make connectivity a breeze in the city. Numerous shopping centers and multiplexes have mushroomed in Surat along with other recreational and basic amenities.

Surat lies in close proximity to Mumbai which is a boon for traders and businessmen and boasts of top class infrastructure and governmental support. Convenience by way of transportation and doing business are two major factors leading to burgeoning demand for commercial property in Surat and even flats for sale in some of Surat’s hottest locations are also being snapped up by buyers in record time. Additionally, Surat is set to witness several path breaking infrastructural and business developments over the next few years which will lead to huge appreciation in values of investments made now. Surat still has affordable property prices in comparison to several big cities in the country in spite of a steady rise in capital values owing to skyrocketing development.

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